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Exhale Yoga

Rema Wilkens


In the busy stressful urban jungle we live in, we often forget that we need to exhale fully and completely to bring a deep breath of freshness back into ourselves. Consciously moving and connecting to the breath feels like much-needed medicine, shaping one's growth and deepening one's understanding of the world. If you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, yoga is a great way to take "time out" for some "me" time, to move, breath, rest and rejuvenate.

To exhale. To reset. To restart.

At Exhale Yoga, your yoga practice will help you build strength, improve your mobility, cultivate mental focus and create body awareness as well as carve out space for yourself to relax and restore. We firmly believe yoga is NOT a competition. It’s not about being in "impossible" pretzel-like poses. But if you can, that is pretty cool, too. It’s not just for young, flexible people, with "perfect" bodies in cute yoga gear... and most definitely NOT JUST for women... but if you are you are welcome as well! 



As a former retail consultant, managing director and tech industry executive who spent most of her time behind a desk or travelling with a laptop in hand, switching careers to a yoga instructor wouldn’t seem like an obvious choice. However, having practiced yoga for over 20 years, a passion for the practice and its benefits took Rema down this route. During her time practising yoga, she experimented with many styles and ended up focussing on a strong flowing practice with emphasis on breathing techniques. Rema teaches corporate yoga, gym and studio group classes as well as one-to-one sessions in the London area.


Rema is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher. She has had many teachers who have influenced her along her yoga journey and most recently completed her teacher training under the guidance of Ambra Vallo (


Rema’s classes are rooted in Hatha yoga. She also teaches Vinyasa and Ashtanga Vinyasa as well as gentle restorative classes with a focus on breath work (Pranayama). Her intent as a teacher is to pass on what she has learned over the years of practice and through her many teachers. Rema is determined to share this powerful and spiritual practice in a way that it is accessible to everyone.


“Really great class, looking forward to coming back again.”

Jenny J., London

“Can recommend Rema for beginners like me. She takes a lot of time to put you at ease and helps you as much as required. Will definitely take up more classes.”

Raj G., Oxford

Contact for private and corporate bookings

Exhale Yoga, London/UK



Thank you!

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